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  2. Long Exposure Photography
    10 Stop ND Filter. 30 second exposure.

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  4. Photo I shot of the model @belanola

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  7. Salome @salomeanne

  8. Lunch. Columbus X SanPellePelle

  9. thefragileflowerproject:

    Ars-Nova. 40 Winks | 2014


  10. thefragileflowerproject:

    I feel lost sometimes. most of the time. all the time. I create, only for people to be inspired by something they saw that was interesting. But by getting caught up in that, I lack at valuing my own life. i’m careless sometimes, a asshole, selfish. but i’ve grown. i’m a man now. momma taught me better. I got a girl who needs me. I got friends i want to see succeed. I got a little sister who only has one bigger brother. weather I like it or, I’m an example. I do this for me, because this is my dream, but I also do this for them. 

    Photos taken by my boy Matt Walsh. Desio Media ®